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The use of Password Tote allows you to secure your passwords, as well as ensure they are secure-to-use passwords. They will then be accessible from all your other computers and mobile devices.

It's not very easy to remember really secure passwords, but Password Tote will assist in storing these secure passwords and you will only need to remember one password to access them all. The passwords are right at your finger tips. Never lose that important username again because of a forgotten password for a service. There are a number of other advantages.

You can import passwords from Keepass, 1Password, or LastPass if you are using one of them.


Secure access to your passwords and other related securables

Password Tote employs advanced security techniques to keep your information for your eyes only. You can store other things such as account numbers, pins, software keys and more.

Security questions

Many of todays services require security questions or secret questions that may be required to perform certain security actions involving your account. Password Tote supports storing the question and answer for multiple questions per password.

Password generator

Generate secure passwords with an included password generator feature. Security rating to ensure strong passwords. It is very important to use secure passwords.

Password expiration

Set expiration dates on your passwords to track their expiration, as well as for other uses.


Support for categories so you can organize your passwords. You can create as many categories as you need.

Backup and restore

Backup and Restore process to ensure you always have an extra backup in case of data loss or another emergency that could potentially ruin your chance of recovery.

Secure notes

Store notes relating to each password, such as confirmation numbers on orders, withdrawal history, car maintenance records, additional IP addresses and anything else.

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