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Prot-On for Android

Version: 2.1 | Size: 1.00 MB
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Developer's description:

Prot-On allows you to protect the files you share, and to decide and track at all times who, how and when is accessing their content. You can protect photos, texts and emails, as well as control from your mobile any existing copies at any time, wherever they are (in the cloud, in other phones, computers or storage devices).

It's free and very easy to use, you only have to download the application and create an account. You can also invite others to use Prot-On to protect their privacy and important files. (protect images, texts, documents...)

Main advantages:

- Possibility of sharing your files safely and to change permissions even after the files have been distributed.
- Online protection photos, texts, Office or PDF documents, e-mails and blog posts.
- Free service and Simple and intuitive way to manage permissions
- ProtOn does not save your documents; ProtOn only stores the keys and permission rights
- Consult activity and control existing copies of the protected documents
- Protection Online for mobile device or PC

Note: Prot-On needs the send SMS permission to create a protected content for the SMS. Afterwards, the user will send a ciphered text.

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