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Soccer Match for Android - Shingo download

Soccer Match for Android - Shingo

Version: 1.1 | Size: 3.75 MB | Filename: shingo_soccer_match_url.zip
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Developer's description:

Shingo: Soccer Match for Android allows the user to handle a real soccer match It can be used by referees, soccer players or while playing soccer with friends. From the beginning to the end of the match Shingo keeps track of what's going on on the field. Shingo can keep track of everything, including goals, corner kicks, yellow and red cards, match timing, shirts' colors and styles, team photos, goal celebration photos, scorer names and more. During the match a powerful stopwatch and a whistle are available to the referee. If automatic mode is on the whistle will automatically play each time a match session ends. Moreover, Shingo can generate a web report of the whole match that can be used on your website or sent to your friends via email. Teams: Customizable teams name. Customizable teams shirt. Team photo. Match settings Customizable Half Time duration. Customizable Extra Time duration. Possibility to define what to do when match finishes equal score (Extra times, penalty kicks etc.). Vibration alert when time is running out. Hands free automatic mode, with automatic whistle and stopwatch. Match Digital Stopwatch with: play time, efective time, time to go. Possibility to pause the game to determine the effective play time at the end of the half. Multi purpose whistle activated by a large button. Possibility to track every event that could occurr during game (penalties, free kicks, corners, red/yellow cards, goals). Red Card / Yellow function with big on display red/yellow card. Goal function with the possibility to take a picture for celebrating the scorer and playng stadium celebration noise. Show history function to have a summary of the main events for a given team, includes event filtering. After the Match Match Statistics function with a brief summary of what happened during the match. Generate web report function which generates the match html p

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