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BoxCryptor for Android download

BoxCryptor for Android

Version: 2.105.935 | Size: 32.00 MB
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Developer's description:

Access all your encrypted files on the go with our BoxCryptor for Android app and have your sensitive stuff always with you! BoxCryptor for Android is also available as Free or Unlimited version.

Add an additional layer of security to your Dropbox by encrypting your files. Add an additional security layer to your Dropbox and encrypt your files with BoxCryptor. BoxCryptor allows you to use Dropbox without sacrificing safety, privacy and comfort!

IMPORTANT: This free version has limited features (see below). You can buy the license key seperately to unlock all features.

BoxCryptor is an encryption software optimized for Dropbox. With BoxCryptor for Android, the encrypted Dropbox folder can be easily accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Features of BoxCryptor for Android:
- Always have your sensitive stuff with you - and feel good because it is secured by encryption
- Access all encrypted files, photos, music in your Dropbox
- Encryption and decryption is done directly on your phone - your password is never transmitted
- Secure storage by using the AES-256 standard. (Advanced Encryption Standard with a key size of 256 bit)
- Filename Encryption to hide any sensitive information hat might be stored in the name of a file or a folder.
- App unlock PIN for additional security
- Limited EncFS compatibility (see our Homepage for more details)
*** BoxCryptor for Android Free has the following limitations ***
- Read access only
- No App Unlock PIN
- Only the first two encrypted folder levels are accessible. Deeper folders cannot be accessed.

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32.00 MB

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Last versions of BoxCryptor for Android
Version Change log
BoxCryptor for Android 2.105.935 Dec 4, 2020 Fixed issues with adding 2FA secured cloud storage provider on pixel devices.
Fixed issues with accessing Whisply shared files.
Fixed issues with accessing mail.ru Hotbox.
Minor bug fixes and improvements
BoxCryptor for Android 2.99.838 May 29, 2020 - Fix OneDrive Germany Authentication
- Fix storage authentication after failure
- Improved Google Drive performance
- Improved Upload stability
- Reduce memory usage for thumbnail generation
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
BoxCryptor for Android 2.2.423.322 Apr 12, 2016 Improved: Master key support with exported key files (reexport needed)
Fixed: Some locations could not be enabled in certain circumstances
Minor bug fixes and improvements
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