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RadBuilder for Android 2.3 screenshot

RadBuilder for Android

... for your presentations, documents, product introduction, advertisements and database management with RadBuilder, a platform to develop, install ... anyone to create professional looking interactive multimedia and database apps. With its easy-to-use visual design environment, you ... development (RAD) tool to create interactive multimedia applications, database applications for Windows and Android - without programming. ...

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LC Calories 1.0 screenshot

LC Calories

... proteins, carbohydrates and fats. LC Calorie App for Android, Ios, Windows Mobile and PC Multiplatform calorie counting Count Calories free for Windows iOS Android and Linux LC Calorie is an App, free software to be used on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS operating systems. LC Calories you can ...

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CyberGhost VPN Basic for Android screenshot

CyberGhost VPN Basic for Android

... enjoying using our app - Impressive Server Database: CyberGhost has over 850 servers in 30 countries, including US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore or Mexico - Free Unlimited service: all CyberGhost basic profiles and features are free. ...

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Bat Messenger 3.2.6 screenshot

Bat Messenger

... and stored on Bat Messenger sever. 4. Server database encryption: Server database information verifies an ECDSA signature. It protects the data stored in database from being accessed by others with potentially malicious intentions. 5. Client database encryption: Client database security is double encrypted. Any ...

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Tap GUID Generator 3.0 screenshot

Tap GUID Generator

... to create, send and share GUIDs on your Android smartphone or tablet. A GUID (or UUID) is a globally unique identifier, a large number that is unique across both space and time, kind of a unique serial number that can ...

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