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Shead Spreet

Version: 3.5 | Size: 1.00 MB | Filename: SheadSpreetLiteV3.5.apk
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Developer's description:

Shead Spreet is a basic spreadsheet program for the Google's Android OS, which runs on cellphones, namely the TMobile/HTC G1, which made its public debut in Fall 2008. I was amazed that there were no spreadsheet applications and decided to remedy the problem as fast as possible.

In addition to being available on this website (only the lite version and an out-of-date version I'm afraid), Shead Spreet is also available through the Android Market, which is directly accessible from Android devices when they have a network connection.

Spread Sheet can read or write all the files to a public directory on the SD Card so it is easy to access the files from a computer whenever you attach it by USB.

With this program, you can rename, duplicate or even delete tables by long-pressing a table's name in the table list.
Also, you can import tables, from .TXT, .CSV and Excel. For exporting tables, you have the option to also export to HTML.

If you want to use Cell formatting in Spread Sheet, then you will be pleased, because it is very easy to be done and it will be a pleasure.
Another interesting feature is the Cell Lock: All the cells can be blocked, to prevent any changes done by a user to them.

You can also use formulas, like in other spread sheet programs, but the only difference is that you have a limited set of functions.

With Spread Sheet you can also insert timestamps, barcodes, locations; you can resize columns, freeze rows or column headers and even use colors.

Why is Spread Sheet famous?

Spread Sheet is famous because it is a great program for Android, an OS that didn't have other Spread Sheet program at that moment. You can get a great program for free if you choose this program.

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